Padel, a highly tactical racket game

You don’t have to hit hard in the beautiful padel, it’s a strategy game, halfway between tennis, squash and chess.

Padel arrived five years ago in France, and continues to grow in Lyon. This sport (not to be confused with racquet) is played midway between tennis and squash.

Paddle coach Julian Pratt. The former tennis teacher was drawn to the tactical side. “It is not a strength sport. We’ll play in spins, ball touch, zones, cornersMatches are played exclusively in doubles. Players face each other as in tennis, but the glass walls that surround the court are used as in squash to bounce the ball back. They are a real help in building your game.

Either you let the ball bounce before you play, or the ball bounces off the wall on your part of the court before it goes over the net. The two bounces can be combined. Certain parts of the wall enclosing the floor are not glazed but reticular. This creates a completely different bounce that can surprise the opponent.
Points are counted as in tennis. The field measures 10 m by 20.

At first, players generally came from tennis. Today, they have more diverse profiles and there are more and more children.

padel The stakes are soon transferred from secrecy to light thanks to the purchase of television rights to the various competitions by Canal Plus and Bein sport.

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