Palworld: These 5 New Features Introduced By The Sakurajima Update Will Make You Want To Replay The Game

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After its impressive success at the beginning of the year, Palworld has seen a significant decline in its player count. A bit like a hand spinner, its popularity was as high as it was rapid but its makers never had the last word. With a huge, completely free update, Pocket Pair could boost its title. Here are 5 new features introduced by the Sakurajima update that will make you want to replay Palworld.

Sakurajima: A New Big Island Worth Visiting

Whether you've completed the base game or not, you've probably grown tired of the different settings of the main continent. With this update, it's possible to access a completely new area inspired by Japan. Who says new area also says new tower with its own boss to fight. Be careful with Saya's very high level.

New monsters to capture

There are more than twenty new friends that you will be able to meet and make thanks to this update. Some are actually more popular than others like the gorgeous Celine. With this, it is clear that there are a lot of new weapons that you can use, buddy skills and other accessories for your character.

PvP mode to face other trainers

Arena mode is finally here and is perhaps one of the features that was sorely missing from the base game to ensure its longevity. It’s hard to say whether this will truly breathe new life into Palworld, but the multiplayer aspect of it is now more advanced than ever. To top it off, the level cap is now 55, which is enough to unlock new technologies.

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Raids and more multiplayer activities

If the raid system was already added a few months ago, the update now allows you to participate in other battles of this type but also to defeat the Rayne Syndicate together. They have captured oil tankers in the ocean and you can combine your powers to eliminate them in order to harvest valuable resources.

Full list of changes

The beginning of events?

If Palworld isn’t really an MMO, these many new activities bring it closer to the genre and in order to keep players coming back regularly, Pocket Pair has created an in-game event system. For example, meteors can occasionally fall from the sky and allow you to capture new and unique friends like Sélyne.

Will the developers go further and incorporate seasonal events with limited friends for Christmas for example?

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