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With the SC-GN01, Panasonic introduces a new gaming speaker that expands the gaming experience in a unique way. GN01 enables gamers to enjoy immersive gameplay without feeling the discomfort of wearing the headset for extended periods of time. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the player can comfortably enjoy realistic surround sound from the four speakers arranged in all directions during the game. GN01 was developed specifically for gamers in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX and provides a massive sound field with three different gaming sound modes thus the perfect sound for every game.

Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
The GN01 was developed to be carried on the shoulders with an ideal placement for headphones and state-of-the-art audio technologies contribute to a rich and powerful audio experience. The shoulder-mounted design makes it possible to enjoy gaming even during long sessions without straining your ears through headphones. The neck speaker has a specially developed housing structure based on the analysis of human movement data and is designed to provide maximum comfort even when playing for long periods of time.

Sound quality specially developed for gamers
The GN01 combines original MAGESS audio technology (Majestic Enhanced Gameplay Sound System) with 4-channel full-range speakers:

  • True MAGESS (Majestic Enhanced Gaming Environment Sound System) – With 4 full-range speakers that create a high level of surround sound around the neck. Neodymium magnets are built into the speakers, which are especially accentuated by the sharp tones.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SIGNAL PROCESSOR – Mixing two to four channels with original signal processing technology for realistic surround sound around the ears. Multichannel content like 5.1. Produced as a natural surround sound.
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The gaming neck speaker and unique sound technology create a realistic sound field that gives the gamer the feeling of being enveloped in all directions. Steps, shots, and other effects are precisely placed in this soundscape. Low latency or reaction time is also important in games, so the connection is wired to eliminate annoying lags, such as those that can occur with a Bluetooth connection. The GN01 is connected to a computer or console via a 3-meter USB cable.

Cooperation with SQUARE ENIX
The SC-GN01’s Hi-Res sound field has been optimized for use with “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online”, the critically acclaimed MMORPG from SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. and delivers an audio experience unlike any other in the world of Hydaelyn.

Three sound modes – the perfect sound for every game
The GN01 is equipped with three sound modes developed with audio experts from “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online”:

  • Role Playing Mode – Perfect for role playing and optimized for “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online”. This mode creates a sense of reality and intensity – for a complete immersion in the game’s virtual world.
  • First Person Shooter Mode – Provides accurate audio location for better location of precise sounds, such as footsteps. This gives player advantages in first person shooter games and third person shooter games.
  • Speech Mode – Enhances human voices and, through improved intelligibility, may give actors the crucial clue to complete tasks and reach the next level. Recommended for adventure games.

Switching between the three modes depending on the game creates an experience full of intensity, tension and a high degree of reality. Thanks to the powerful dual microphone with noise and echo cancellation, you can also chat with other players without being bothered by powerful surround sound. Non-game entertainment also available: GN01 has a music mode and a cinema mode for a relaxing concert or movie night

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Commitment to players
The GN01 reflects Panasonic’s commitment to enthusiastic gamers and complements the innovative HTB01 gaming amplifier, introduced last year and also developed in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX. In addition, current Panasonic TV models score with the new Game Mode Extreme, which impresses with low latency and supports HDMI 2.1 HFR, VRR, and AMD FreeSync Premium.

Prices and availability
The SC-GN01 Gaming Headset will be available from Amazon from the end of September 2021 for €179 (RRP).

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