Pancho-Kasui creator shares his thoughts on seeing the two react to Zebroth’s arrival at Smash Brothers Ultimate

Earlier this week, Nintendo fans were treated to the revelation of another DLC character for Smash Brothers Ultimate. The final fantasy joins the battle of Zebroth of VII, and some of Smash’s current list were to see his arrival. Banjo and Kasui were in front and center to watch a winged angel descend, and they were as shocked as the fans!

Show so much to see the faces that Smash Brothers Ultimate has brought together. If fans enjoy the expressions, their creators are no doubt too! Steve Males, the creator of Pancho-Kasui, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on seeing the bear and the bird in Senjiroth’s revealing trailer.

This is a wonderful thing, with a little sadness I could have guessed. But there is still hope!

Malas’ “tragic” note There is no doubt that Pancho-Kasui disappeared from the gaming world. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new game called Dynamic Doubles, and no one knows if it will happen again. RARE’s trend is definitely different from their Nintendo days, and most employees have gone to Platonic or other companies.

Will another Banjo-Kasui game come around? You hope that the reaction to the characters appearing in Smash will show up until there are millions of people who want another adventure with both Microsoft. We cross fingers and expect the best.

Veronica Tucker

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