Poll: Have you ordered Apple’s new $ 549 Airports Max headphones?

Airboats Max Finally here Available to order now. Apple’s new over-the-ear headphones were announced this week with spatial audio, active noise cancellation and more. We would like to know now if you have already ordered Airboats Max, or are still considering purchasing them.

When Apple says Airports Max will hit retail next week, Ingredients are significantly less, The estimated shipping time on Apple’s website for any model is up to 14 weeks.

The product was highly anticipated as the first rumors about Apple creating a new headphone with its own brand came out in 2018. While there is still plenty of evidence this year that Apple is preparing to launch new headphones, rumors about the release schedule have been contradictory, with some reports pointing to the launch as early as 2021.

Apple surprised us and introduced the Airboats Max at Christmas time, at least in theory you won’t be able to get them in 2020 due to limited products. While most of the rumors about the Airports Max have proven to be true, Apple had to downplay some of the features expected during its development process – such as automatic left and right side detection and interchangeable headbands.

The price was higher than expected as rumors predicted that the gaming model of Apple’s headphones would cost 9,349, but the company only introduced one Airbots Max model, which is priced at 9,549. Still, demand for the new Airbnb Max seems to be strong – or Apple has produced the lowest number of units this year, resulting in barriers to availability.

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Have you ordered Airboats Max or are you considering buying them? If not, for what reason? Let us know in the poll below and comment in detail!

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