Paper Shredder: Snow Game Pass 2nd Update (Shuttering, Tricks…) | Xbox One

Paper Shredder is a snowboard game that was released on March 17th. It is available on Xbox Series X | S and PC, and it notably offers a gaming experience close to titles like the Amped or the Skate franchise. If the FoamPunch kid seems to please fans of the genre, it nonetheless has some problems and is now getting its second update.

New patches available

It is again through Twitter As details of the studio updated. There are many improvements available such as fixes related to gameplay or objectives of several missions.

We also note that tearing issues on Xbox Series X should be resolved since V-sync is now activated by default.

Remember, you can now play the game with Xbox Game Pass. It’s also available on mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming for Ultimate members.

Major changes in Update #2:

  • Mission tasks 1080And the not suitable & Airborne revision
  • Improved controls in drone mode
  • Kings Park smiley attitude change
  • Various types of railway sounds have been added to Petrov
  • Optimizing the save system
  • Fixed trick names
  • Improved console compatibility when not using Steam Input
  • V-sync is enabled on Xbox Series X.

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