Parker shows how a video assistant referee “killed” after Fulham was rejected

Scott Parker disagreed with the law denying Fulham the well-deserved equalizer against Tottenham.

The FIFA Council meeting, on Friday, during which further clarifications of the handball law are expected, were not more appropriate. After the Kootiggers saw an unlikely target due to the harsh base.

After Tottenham led the way in the first half thanks to an own goal from Toussin Adaraboyo, Parker’s men put the ball in the net when Josh Maja struck the back of the net. Recycling however showed that during preparation the ball entered Mario Lemena’s hand from ditching Davinson Sanchez when he was just a few yards away.

It was VAR enforcement, which Parker accepts, but said his team wasn’t getting a clear advantage.

About the rule of handball, he said: “It has changed a lot.” “We look back at the start of the season when the rule was very different and penalties were imposed week after week and we were talking about changing the art of defending the arms behind the back.

“I understand why the goal isn’t given and that’s the rule. I don’t agree with the rule – I’m not complaining, the referee is acting on the rule. We have VAR so you can look back and see if there’s a clear benefit. I don’t think that’s the case.

“We are trying to make the game pure and sterile and trying to control every stage or moment to the absolute T degree and herein lies the problem.

“We want to see the goals and the excitement, but I’m sorry to say that VAR kills every bit of it. You lose the raw emotion for the game we absolutely love.”

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Mourinho does not share this point of view

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho chose not to make an opinion on the matter and insisted that the laws be subject to interpretation.

He said, “My point of view is not important, I do not make decisions.” “Al Qaeda leaves room for interpretation, and you have to accept the responsible’s explanation.

“Sometimes it’s good for you, and sometimes it’s okay.”

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