Pays Val de Loire Nivernais, ESAAB and Atelier des Composites worked on a mobile kitchen project.

Healthy eating, small gestures to learn how to cook easily using local products, and having a good time: the mobile kitchen, designed by three actors, brings together all these good ingredients.

The mobile kitchen is a beautiful and delicious recipe, the kind that makes you want to try it. The first ingredients were found in late September.

At the base

The first element is Pays Val de Loire Nivernais, which has launched, as part of the Regional Food Project (PAT), the creation of a mobile tool to raise awareness of healthy and sustainable eating and promote local products. When designing this tool, the country immediately thought of the students and teachers of the ESAP in Nevers (Higher Polytechnic School of Burgundy) and the valuable support of the Atelier des Composites laboratory to create and realize innovative products based on Garchezi.

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