People Can Fly Nether – Nerdu 4. Life has acquired developer Phosphorus

People can fly, The studio that released the latest adwriters on behalf of Square Enix, announced its acquisition Phosphor Studio. A medium-sized developer with games like this Nether And the Brookhaven experiment. From now on the studio will be called People Can Fly Chicago.

Founded and led by Phosphor Studios in 2009 Justin Gorkaran, Jarrod Branno e Chip Sineni. With the acquisition, People Can Fly now has more than 320 employees in seven locations around the world. People Can Fly Chicago is its third North American location.

“This opens a new chapter for our team,” Justin Corcoran, CEO of Phosphor Studios, said in a statement. “We are very happy that people can fly to open New AAA study – People can fly to Chicago. Our goal is to strengthen the presence of People Can Fly in the United States and help people fly as a global brand. ”

Symbol of the link between the People Can Fly and the Phosphor.

Chief Executive Officer, Sebastian WojciechowskiHe added: “The acquisition of Phosphorus Studios is part of our strategy, which was announced during the recent PCF Group IPO. As various projects are underway, we need ambitious players to carry out our projects. I hope they are a great addition. ”

From what is known, in fact, People Can Fly currently works Two new AAA programs: Square Enix is ​​a new game and tag-to-interactive original action title.

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