2021 Incident Checklist: Correct Scene Behavior!

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Smartphone Auto Collision Accident Tuning 2021 Accident Checklist: Correct behavior at the scene of an accident!

In the event of a traffic accident, usually all parties are a little excited and do not know in detail what to do. And this despite the fact that correct behavior at the scene of an accident is a theoretical principle when obtaining a driver’s license. In addition, it should be noted that with regard to correct behavior, the law, pursuant to Section 34 of the Road Traffic Regulations, Scheme there. For this reason, it is essential to remember what to do after a traffic accident on a regular basis. What follows explains what Correct behavior at the scene of the accident Represent.

1. Stop and secure the scene of the accident

First of all, it has to be the car I stopped And immediately Hazard warning lights To be running. Next, a file Safety jacket Will be created. Then the scene of the accident should be with Warning triangle, Which must be carried in accordance with Article 53a of StVZO. This is when you first get off On other vehicles To pay attention to the flowing traffic. Where the warning triangle must be parked varies depending on the location of the accident. In any case, it should be a triangle On the right edge of the road Or on Hard shoulder Are being held.

First Aid Kit for Warning Triangle 2021 e1575871938729 Incident Checklist: Correct behavior at the scene of an accident!

The distance to the urban scene 50 metersOn a country road 100 meters And on the highway 150 to 400 meters. It should also be noted that in The curves or the tops of the road Warning triangle Before This must be prepared and witnesses to the accident requested waiting. Due to the high speed of flowing traffic in the event of an accident on the highway, those involved must Reasonable distance Wait behind handrails and always pay attention to your own safety.

2. Provide first aid

If people are injured in a traffic accident, they must first Out of the danger zone And to help them within the framework of the participants’ knowledge. According to the legal basis, it must Not perfect medical aid But only help from a normal, medically educated person. Reasonable but neglected assistance can be provided according to Section 323C of the British Criminal Code is punishable is being. For example, it’s also a communicate At the emergency call center Part of the first aid service.

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Provide first aid at the scene of the accident Accident Checklist 2021: Correct behavior at the scene of the accident!

It should also be noted that § 35 StVZO Determines the amount of first aid materials in the vehicle. Accordingly, a first aid kit should be used for this First aid service Along. If this requirement is not met, the traffic is controlled with 10 euros money confusion the expected.

3. Do not leave the scene of the accident

After the accident site is secured and, if necessary, first aid is provided, the persons concerned are allowed to join No Removed from the scene. This is permissible only if it is, for example, urgently required to help the wounded. Otherwise there is a risk The claim is in accordance with Article 142 of the Criminal Code So are the consequences in the context of a right of recourse by the insurance company.

4. Ask for help

If there are injuries in the accident, or if it appears to be a high level of property damage or if the other parties to the accident have already left the scene without permission, they must Always an ambulance or police service Under 110 or 112 To be called. If a traffic accident occurs on a highway, federal, or state road, the emergency phone should be used to call for help and not a private mobile phone. The exact location can be determined via emergency phones, which is not immediately possible with a mobile phone. If there is no emergency phone nearby, you can of course also use your own cell phone. For the phone call to emergency services or the police, Six “W questions” for your consideration:

  1. Who is preparing the report?
  2. Where is the scene of the accident?
  3. what happened?
  4. How many wounded are there?
  5. What injuries are there?
  6. Waiting for more inquiries!
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Request an emergency call What to do at the scene of an accident 2021 accident checklist: Correct behavior at the scene of an accident!

5. Survey the scene of the accident

In the event of slight damage, care must be taken not to unnecessarily affect the flow of traffic. Because of the small sheet metal damage, there should be no crossing Blocked has become. In this case, you must drive to the side of the road and photograph or locate vehicles in advance.

6. Report damage

Since car insurance must be notified immediately after a traffic accident, it is best to call the free insurance hotline directly at the scene of the accident with other parties involved in the traffic accident. If this is not possible at the accident site, the vehicle insurance company must be informed after the accident is recorded. Even if the question was Who caused the accident, Not yet clarified in detail, however an immediate precautionary report on the damage must be submitted.

Report accident damage accident insurance site e1619251402128 2021 Accident Checklist: Correct behavior at the scene!

7. A special guide

In the best case scenario, the location of the accident Without further movement of vehicles, Pictures were taken. If this is not possible at this time, this should be the case when reporting the damage to the insurance company Official sign The other party involved in the accident and Names and addresses Of the concerned drivers must be noted. This data should also be used in any case with a file Driving License Or others Identification sheets The other party involved in the accident Identical has become. In addition, the name of the insurance company and the insurance policy number of the other party in the accident must be noted.

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It is also important and useful Location, date and time Of the accident, as well as the names and addresses of witnesses to the accident. An accident diagram and an accident report are also recommended. Throughout all of this, it is important to take notes Pay attention to the flowing trafficTo avoid further accidents.

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8. Behavior towards the police

In principle, the police must provide their information For the person as well as for the vehicle made. If there are any doubts about how the accident happened, no further information should be given. In exceptional cases, when the issue of guilt can be clarified directly at the location, a Accept money police warning directly has become. Once the police arrive at the scene, if the issue of guilt is not resolved, it is generally Just To provide personal details and information that you were involved in in the accident and information on liability insurance. Furthermore it Identification sheets To be displayed only upon request to the police

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