Philips Hue Bloom review: a decorative lamp that lacks radiance

The manufacturer’s decorative lights never shine thanks to the quality of the lighting. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) of previous Bloom, Iris, or Go generations did not match that of the manufacturer’s bulbs. We excuse them more easily because these bulbs are not used as home lighting, but as an additional lighting solution. So forget about wanting to make it a desk lamp or a main lamp in the living room. At best, you can use it as a bedside lamp, as long as you don’t read before you fall asleep.

To assess the quality of the light, we take two measurements. The first time at about 2,700 K (warm light, equivalent to a candle’s color temperature), then a second at 6,500 K (cold light, greater than sunlight at its height). In Hue Bloom, the temperature rises in the warm white color to 2,500 K and reaches 5,777 K in the cold. So we ran our tests at these color temperatures.

The color reproduction index indicates the regularity of the light spectrum. Standard is 90 to restore shades of color and perfect regularity; Bloom really shows an average CRI of 54 in warm light, but very good in cold light as it goes up to 85. Philips has undoubtedly changed the LED which was a good fit for the Bloom series under the LivingColors, which is far from detail. The older generation got the most IRCs with the lowest scores in our comparison (10 in warm white, 21 in cool white). In this Bloom, cool white is perfectly mastered, but warm white still falls short of our expectations; We can see it with the naked eye, everything is … orange!

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Philips has increased the intensity of light in its Bloom that now sends 239 lux (versus 63 lux) at 1 meter, at maximum intensity, in cool white. This lamp is not capable of lighting an entire room, or even using it for reading, as it is far from the recommended 500 lux for this activity.

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