Mobile phone may soon benefit from a similar game mode

During the global shutdown due to the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, Game Among Us has become one of the most popular game games. This was mainly due to the game’s simple concept and its social interaction aspect. Now Activision appears to have taken some clues from the hugely popular title and is considering an addition New “werewolf” mode With its popular game Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Put on a mobile werewolf

Called the werewolf mode, this new game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile will drop players into a confined area where they will have to complete missions and find the impostor among them and wait. The impostor has been assigned, as we have shown, to assassinate all the other players until they find him.

According to screenshots (attached below) from Call of Duty: Mobile Streamer Zenix, Werewolf mode will allow 12 players to find weapons and ammo to complete various missions. They will be able to explore an area and perform different missions to earn points for their teams. However, among these, the fraudster will hide and try to kill all other players.

According to the singer, players will have the opportunity to discuss the identity of the impostor and eliminate them before they are all killed. If the player does not want to interact with the voice, it is also possible to chat with others.

So, as you can imagine from the description, it looks like it’s between us. The concept of chatting and voting on a hustler was the main reason we became so popular last year. In fact, this aspect of discussion between us helped increase the popularity of other social interaction apps like Discord. Now, Call of Duty players might be able to enjoy the same in their favorite environment.

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Now, according to reports, Activision is currently testing the new Werewolf mode for its mobile address in China. As a result, it is so far reserved for Chinese players. The company has yet to make any official announcements about the new game mode, so stay tuned for more information.

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