Photo collected by NASA

Many wonder if it can be found on other planets Extraterrestrial life forms. Of particular concern in this regard is Mars, which has always been the subject of debate among experts. Now one has even arrived Photo by NASA Very specific.

This is a photograph showing the appearance of alien footprints for many, indicating that there are creatures on Mars that are different from the habits we see on our planet. Even though NASA offers a very different interpretation away from common beliefs, the debate is still heated.

The NASA photo was shared on social media

This photo really depicts the gods Craters on Mars To some it seems like covering something completely different. There were a lot of comments about the film as the famous space company posted the image on Instagram.

The recording with this photo aimed at all intentions and intentions of a brand left by aliens in a very short time went viral and was well received. Thousands of shares. In fact, it is not just for the beauty of the photo that shows us the surface of the red planet in a new form.

There is more, because the photo is really interesting, there seems to be something in every way Very mysterious. This is why many are questioning the existence of extraterrestrial life on this planet, a theory that has prevailed over time.

Some people have actually commented with a certain contradiction, and were really surprised to see something amazing that makes you stop talking.

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NASA interpretation of weird photo

However, NASA, despite confirming the existence of alien footprints, says something different in the photo shared on Instagram and gives an accurate explanation. In fact, scientists have noted that the point depicted in the picture shows the point of the zero-degree longitude on Mars.

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That would be the equivalent oneGreenwich Observatory, Which represents the main meridian of our planet. In practice, the point depicted in the photo is similar to the Greenwich Laboratory for us and is the most important reference for making astronomical observations.

For NASA it was nothing more than a crater, defined as a zero reference point. Longitudes on the Red Planet. The crater is a large crater, named Lake-O.

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