You can now buy only the Framework Laptop motherboard

The laptop frame It is a laptop designed with modules in mind. Not only can you buy expansion cards that allow you to replace the USB port with an HDMI port or additional storage, but all the internal components are designed to be easy to remove, replace, and in some cases, upgrade. on the level.

today, framework seem For sale motherboards, providing an easy way to upgrade the CPU for a framework laptop you already own. But thanks to the open source documentation and some optional accessories, you can also do without the entire laptop sleeve and Use the Framework motherboard as the basis for a mini PC or other products.

At launch, three options are available for the Framework Motherboard:

  • Intel Core i5-1135G7 motherboard for $449 (currently on sale for $399)
  • $699 Intel Core i7-1165G7 motherboard (currently on sale for $549)
  • $799 Intel Core i7-1185G7 motherboard (currently on sale for $799)

These are the same processor/board options you get if you buy a full-frame laptop, but at lower prices. This means if you bought a laptop with a Core i5 processor, for example, and you want to upgrade to a Core i7 chip, it’s now possible. And if the framework lasts long enough, you may be able to buy upgrade cards that allow you to replace an 11th-generation Intel Core CPU with a 12th-generation chip or better (or maybe even an AMD CPU).

While you could probably buy a complete laptop at these prices, that’s irrelevant here, because unlike most laptops, each of these cards can be used to upgrade or repair an existing laptop framework or as a standalone device.

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ambitious project

Each motherboard is Framework 295 x 229 x 10mm with two heatpipes, a fan, support for PCIe 4.0 NVMe storage, DDR4-3200 memory, and four USB4 expansion card slots.

The frame indicates that You can use the motherboard as a standalone computer By plugging in a power source and using expansion cards to add ports for a monitor, mouse, keyboard, or other accessory. If you want to build your own laptop, you can also get laptop bottom or top cover kits from Framework Marketplace.

Finally, the company published CAD drawings and electrical documentation Licensed under Creative Commons, which should help people design their bags, holders, or other accessories that allow you, for example, to mount a computer to the back of a monitor.

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