Pimms launched its own mobile service bus

The Multiservice Mediation Information Point (Pimms), located at Espace Diderot, is a major player in social mediation, support for administrative or digital procedures and support for employment. Referred to as Afnor for Social Mediation.

We have set up a mobile service in Nmes, Says Cecil Bardy, Team & Activities Manager. This is a bus that has been converted as Bus France Services. It provides a public reception desk to provide assistance and advice on accessing rights and a digital public space where the Ombudsman supports users in carrying out their administrative procedures. They are equipped with computers, printers and the Internet. “

The service is provided by two social mediators: Laurie Masley and Aziz Maaroufi. We now serve three cities in Nmes, He explains first. saint-Dionisy Monday morning, Lédenon Tuesday afternoon and Rodilhan Wednesday morning. Rural areasaThey also suffer from a digital fragility and divide, and difficulties in moving and using information technology tools. As a result, there are many cases of waiving rights. “

Suggested approach is “Go and do with, Cecil Bardi continues. We go out to interview the audience to provide first-level information about daily administrative procedures. We support our users towards independence, and we do not support them. “

Pour Aziz Maaroufi, “Pimms mobile is a local human response to the needs of the people of the Gard in their daily lives and the difficulties they face in facing completely digital technology.”

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The service will be developed in other Gard communes to operate 24 hours a week. Pimms partner Enedis provided minibuses, foundations, and private sector sponsors who contributed financially.

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