Resident Evil 4 remake that changes hands and direction

This new version, according to VGC, which has its own resources close to development, was supposed to start in 2018, in the Osaka M-Two studio, very close to Capcom because it was formed by the former president of PlatinumGames, Tatsuya Minami. The company also played a pioneering role in producing a remake of the Resident Evil 3, Released last year.

However, according to several witnesses, M-Two’s participation in the development of a remake of the Resident Evil 4 It could have been substantially reduced after a meeting at the end of 2020, aimed at assessing project progress. You wouldn’t actually see Capcom as a very good eye for the will of the Minami flock to stick to the original action as much as possible; The latter would have already been marked by players’ criticism of the cuts in the remake of Resident Evil 3 Thus you want to avoid new sling. And the publisher would like a freer reading, certainly inspired by the original text, but with his own reinterpretation of FeaturesHistory and environments.

So the publisher had chosen to put the reins in the hands of the first division, the internal team actually responsible for the games. vampire And the Devil May Cry. So the latter will be partially restarted, and exit targets for 2023.

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