Platinum Games has another big announcement for 2021

The Platinum Games guys animated the first part of last year by giving their fans four different announcements: The Wonderful 101 Remaster, Project G.G., New Tokyo Office and April Fool’s Day. Beyond every mathematical rule, we had the Platinum 4 initiative He also promised a fifth announcement, It never came.

Finally something starts to move. In the last few hours, the Japanese company has updated Platinum 4 Official Site, Adding a Time window for this elusive fifth announcement, Defined “Bonus Level”, A set generico 2021. To be precise, you can read XX / XX / 2021 on the site, which is an incomplete date and we hope it will be fully displayed soon.

There is a lot of excitement in Platinum Games Studios: In addition to the aforementioned project GG, It is still in the early stages of development, The Japanese company is also developing a form The fall of Babylon For PC and PlayStation, e Bayonetta3 To the Nintendo Switch. We have seen the first few sports videos, the second is missing. For many years Kamia has been constantly promising us about the development of the third adventure of Witch of Umbra, and he reported about it in a recent interview Hopes to be able to deliver updates in 2021: What if this fifth announcement centered on the Bayonetta 3?

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Veronica Tucker

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