The Mac at 37: Twelve Tales About the iGen Club to Revive Its Creation

One day, we will know the secrets surrounding the creation of the first Mac M1. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, “Apple alumni” and “executives who wish to remain anonymous” will tell how the idea originated and matured, how the two sides weighed the positives and negatives, and how engineers spent their sleepless nights tying the red wire to the button The red wire, the green button, the green button …

In the meantime, we can enjoy the memories of the evolution of the first Macintosh, which was undoubtedly more wonderful, and especially more human! These memories were compiled by one of the team’s geniuses, Andy Hertzfeld, back in day His site is It’s a goldmine, written in English, we went to explore it for you.

At the time, Apple entrusted the development of the Macintosh to a group of enthusiasts, slightly antisocial, exiled in a separate building. Nobody really knew what they were hoping to make, as Apple only had strong eyes Apple IIIPromising Lisa, And very profitable Apple II range.

No one could have predicted that this first Macintosh will inaugurate a dynasty of four decades, and undoubtedly more than that … these memories will accompany us with little daily touches on Club iGen, in the Macintosh Memorial we celebrate on January 24th. First article will be published very soon!

  1. A monkey and a little ghost
  2. Duck and truck
  3. Ants and Pepsi
  4. Unbearable Steve Jobs
  5. Secret rooms are a mess
  6. MacPaint, from word processor to Mick Jagger
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