Play Azur Festival 2022: The Riviera Pop Culture Festival Returns This Weekend

Fifth Edition of Play Azure Festival It will open its doors this weekend, next May 14 and 15, at the Nice Acropolis conference center for the last time, the latter having to be destroyed by the end of the year. During these two days, the program announced more than 300 activities which blends pop culture, manga, cosplay, comedy, sci-fi, medieval theme, video games, k-pop, science and new technologies through workshops, demos, competitions, games, tournaments, meetings, conferences and gifting with many guests (YouTubersVoice actors and animators cosplayers…).

two storeys, The Play Azure Festival 2022 It will be divided into several areas: Harry Pottervideo games, esports, steampunkMedieval art, Japanese culture, videographers, conferences and dedications. As for the guests, there will be, without being everything, dubbing actors Adrien Antoine and Christophe Lemoine, actor Jean-Robert Lombard (Father Blaze at Camelot), The YouTubers Tokyo No GoAnd benzai And Made in France ASMRdesigner Nadou (Mythology – Origins) and Sabine from This is not rocket science. Video games will be in the spotlight with no less than seven tournaments and 3 challenges each day: braveAnd Dragon Ball Fighter ZAnd Tekken 7And Mario Kart 8 DeluxeAnd Super Smash Bros. climaxAnd Windjammers 2And Super Street Fighter 2 TurboAnd Rocket LeagueAnd It is an electronic gameAnd SoulCalibur VIAnd Street Fighter V And Guilty Gear: Struggle. On the entertainment side, there will be an area star Wars (cinema, cosplay and show) with 501And corps from MonacoThe Light Saber Company and the guards wereGiant karaokeOne pieceAnd Dragon BallAnd NarutoAnd L ‘The attack on the Giants…) organized by TamaTama In a 700-seat amphitheater, a cosplay contest (single and group selection and the southern region of French Cosplay Cup Season 5) from the Yumeji organization Ghostbusters French Rivierapocket Jurassic Park, ladybug ShowbitIrina (just dance), dinosaurs (jurassic experience), Contest Dance Cover Kpopan offer Harry Potter with animation flying broom (video call on a green background), the Medieval Malvan Archers And many other things that you can discover The official website is here. On the shopping side, there will be About thirty exhibitors About video games, crafts, the Middle Ages, steampunkasian culture, japan, comics, Disney And the food.

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You’ll find the floor plan below:

Play the Azur Festival 2022 plan

The 70 square meters virtual reality booth will be on the second floor where there will be 12 headphones VR. We’ll bring you the exact program and content by tomorrow, in a dedicated article. You know, while waiting to learn more, thatThere will be our driving simulator on cylinders and above all, exclusively, a touch jacket my skin which allows you to “feel” what is happening in virtual reality which is scheduled for commercial release in 2023.

You can follow various ads from FAP via FBAnd TwitterAnd InstagramAnd Youtube where is the official site. The exhibition will be open between 10 am and 7 pm on Saturday 14 May and between 10 am and 6 pm on Sunday 15 May, and Online tickets here. Pre-sale passes are available until Friday, May 13th at 11:00 PM and admission is allowed from 9:30 AM on both days. For late arrivals, on-site ticket sales will be available from 10:00 AM.

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