One Piece Treasure Cruise – The game celebrates its eighth anniversary in the land of WANO!

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Today Bandai Namco begins its eighth celebrationsy mobile game memory One Piece Treasure Journey. This is the special Super Sugo-Fest 8y Anniversary is now live and features exclusive new characters. Players will be able to recruit famous characters such as Luffy, Yamato, Ace, Kaido and characters from 8y Anniversary: ​​Hancock, Nami and Robin! Players will also get a free “10+1” Rare Recruit trial in the 8th anniversary fanfare at the WANO Land Super Sugo-Fest event, which can be used once until June 19.

One Piece Treasure Journey It is an RPG game inspired by the shōnen of Ichiro Oda. Go to new world With LuffyAnd visit And growing Recruit your favorite characters to build the perfect pirate crew.
Collect the Straw Hat Pirates crew or collect your own gang from any official crew. Collect ships like Vogue Merry and the Thousand sunnythen go fromeast blue to me new world !

SNS campaigns for One Piece Treasure Journey :

There is a special campaign currently running on the account Twitter Responsible One Piece Treasure Journey. Players can win exclusive prizes such as the game’s official soundtrack, acrylic props, or even an autograph signature by the anime’s voice actors. One piece !

Lesson series One Piece Treasure Journey :

For new players or hackers returning to the game after a long break, One Piece Treasure Journey sPartner with Heroes to create a special series of educational programsLesson timeA list of all the videos created by Heroes is available on Bandai Namco’s official YouTube channel.

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