PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X Load Times Comparison

Both Xbox Series X. And this PlayStation 5 Bring more power to the table when entering next-generation video game consoles. But the most significant improvement over your gaming is the addition of NVM SST drives for internal storage on both computers. These solid-state drives allow consoles to significantly reduce the load times created on newer games and consoles of the last generation. But which of the next two gen engines loads faster?

To answer that question, we looked at the backward compatibility features of the PS5 and XSX, and allow both engines to fight it upside down. We are Compared to the load times of the five games It was first released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to see how quickly the two new consoles get ready to play, from the moment you start playing until you can control it. Check out the results in the video above; Below you will find a list of games and timestamps we have compared, so you can skip straight to their comparisons.

  • 0: 40-Red Dead Rescue2
  • 2:00 – Final Fantasy XV
  • 3:19 – Rule 2
  • 4:22 – Monster Hunter World
  • 5:23 – Batman: Arkham Knight

We got it Lots of PS5 and Xbox Series X coverage Check it out on for more in the coming days and weeks.

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