There is no backward compatibility in PS5

Kojima Productions’ Runable teaser for the canceled Silent Hill resume, Horror game B.D., Is a precious commodity for many PlayStation 4 owners. After the departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami and Silent Hills‘Cancel, B.D. Was Removed from Sony’s PlayStation Store. If you do not already have it, you are out of luck.

The bad news for prospective PlayStation 5 owners is that you have already downloaded B.D. Can’t switch to Sony’s new console, or run the game with backward compatibility.

Strange thing here though: at one point in the last two weeks, it was Was Convertible and executable on the PS5. I played B.D. On my PS5 in late October, the day after I got my review unit. But when the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12th, it appears that it will not work B.D. By backward compatibility.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

B.D. The first PS4 title I tested with backward compatibility on the PS5. On Oct. 24, I changed my copy B.D. Played and played on my PS5, taken from the latest storage from the PS4. Then I restarted B.D. From the start, it played a little more. Seemed to work well. In fact, the 4K screen shot above this post was captured from the PS5 review section sent to me by Sony.

But in the days leading up to Sony’s PS5 review ban, the situation changed. B.D. It is now listed under the heading “Runable on PS4”, meaning it cannot run on PS5.

A screenshot of the game library section on the PS5 shows an installed copy of the PD

B.D. The PS5 Game Library menu is labeled “Runable on PS4”.
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

After my PS5 review unit was forced to perform a factory reset this week, it removed all game content from the system and I realized I could no longer change it. B.D. PS4 to PS5. (My colleague Russ Frushtik still has his transfer copy B.D. Sitting on his PS5 SSD.)

When it is Was Playable, B.D. Performed on PS5 just like it was done on PS4. I did not finish the full playthrough of the demo, but I did not encounter any significant issues within 10 minutes of testing the game.

Sony had previously warned that some content (including game demos) would be included B.D.) Does not apply to the new console. Playable teaser Silent Hills Does not appear in Sony’s list of unsupported topics PS5 backward compatibility support page.

A Sony spokesman who commented said the change was to Balacon B.D.Lagging compatibility on the PS5 is “a publisher decision.”

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