PlayStation Network Problem: Online Play Not Possible

PlayStation Networks (PSN) is down. Playing online via PS4 or PS5 is currently not possible.

Since 5:30 PM, reports have been increasing that connecting to the PlayStation Network on the new PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 is no longer possible. Means: You cannot currently play online with a game console, because PlayStation Network is required for this. Voice chats are also not possible. Not just Sony

Red lights indicate that the servers are currently experiencing problems, and error messages appear as well

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We are also affected by the turbulence we noticed on PS4 and PS5 consoles at 6pm. While Call of Duty Modern Warfare could still be started for a while, the connection to the game and the voice chat were finally cut off.

With “Call of Duty News” reporting on Twitter, the turmoil appears to be greater. Other companies are also affected by the disruption, including Steam, Amazon and UPS.

It is true that crash reports are already built into Amazon services خدمات

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It is still unclear when the servers will be available again. Nor do we yet know the cause of the disturbance. Once we have more information for you, you will find it here. Most of the time, these issues are resolved in a short time and you can play online again with your friends via PlayStation console.

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