Simplified gaming with friends and enhanced security

Multiplayer is at the heart of the v31 update for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets with new features that are more accessible to play with friends. But that’s not all because Messenger is still improving and the security of the VR headset is complemented by additional options.

Version 31 will make inviting players easier. During the game, the option “Call to Application” It will appear in the Oculus Quest menu and immediately send a notification to the selected person(s). if they accept, They will immediately join the multiplayer session.

On the side of the Oculus app on the smartphone, Facebook adds the ability to create an invite link and determine the duration of its activity. Once distributed, it will allow anyone who sees it to join you.

With Version 31And the messenger It updates itself and submits send and read acknowledgments. Just like the classic mobile app, the “interactions” Various smileys will also be available on the Oculus Quest.

Version 31 also accommodates unlocking patterns. This will make it possible to block access to the headset as well as to its passwords. Facebook also specifies that on the browser, Passwords can now be saved automatically So you don’t have to enter it frequently.

As with every new update in Oculus Quest and Quest 2, rollout is gradual It occurs over a period of several days.

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