PlayStation Video Game has released the most useful vocabulary of words –

PlayStation Better posted Glossary This is a hundred statements Rule It is widely used in the world of video games and may not be clear to anyone who encounters this environment frequently. In fact, it can also be very useful for gamers who need to clarify their ideas.

PlayStation Gaming Glossary

The PS5 was used to illustrate the concept of backward compatibility in the glossary

It is a very elegant creation with many cross notes and clear explanations. Some voices are outdated, but they are still part of the culture of the media, so it’s nice to see them carried away. And many more Clarifying examples, Integrated with PlayStation’s playful culture, which is always useful. For example, under “backward compatibility” is described as the ability of the console to run software written for previous consoles of the same family as the PS5 with PS4 games.

For now it is very bad that the vocabulary is only in English. I have to say it is written in a very accessible language, so anyone who has studied English in school should read it. However, we hope it will also be in Italian so that it becomes a tradition of our local players.

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Veronica Tucker

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