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There was a time when it wasPinball game“It has a certain rating in the video game world. From the NES to the Mega Drive, via PlayStation, the Game Boy and of course the PC world, the game”Pinball“It has been a staple for several decades now. On the occasion of his Great Mass I/O 2022 . Conference A few days ago, the giant Google wanted to show some internal technology, through a game of pinball, and you would have understood.

Google’s free pinball game

Since it is not only the Pixel 6a and the new Pixel Watch in the life of Google, the American group has already made the mini-pinball game available to players absolutely free, and it can be accessed directly at this address. For the player, it is an opportunity to enjoy a relatively simple game of pinball, with many characters to choose from, all of which can be played directly from a web browser or smartphone (or tablet), without any installation.

For Google, this is an opportunity to highlight different programming techniques, starting with its own development framework flutter. The latter is responsible for adapting the game to enjoy it directly according to the interface, whether on iOS, Android or on PC. The game is also concerned with providing Android users to directly install the application on the smartphone, for direct access.

In addition, this free pinball game developed by Google gives you a place of pride flamean in-house graphics engine that, despite its 2D aspect, is able to offer a certain perspective here, with plenty of animations, a coherent collision engine, and a physics engine worthy of the name…

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For Google, it is about entertaining Internet users, but also about attracting some developers, who can use internal tools to build many applications.


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