PlayStation VR: 3 Free Games for PS Plus in November

Sony Interactive Entertainment is celebrating the fifth anniversary of PlayStation VR today. The company looks back at the past few years on its own blog.

Officials would like to thank gamers and give PS Plus members three free VR titles for the month of November. The games included are still unknown. In the coming weeks these will be called by name.

Other than that, Senior Manager Isabel Tomatis shared some interesting information about the anniversary. A graphic depicting the five most played PSVR games in the world. Individual regions in Europe, North America and Japan were also taken into account. However, in Europe these are the same games that are on the global list.

Most Popular Virtual Reality Games (Worldwide and Europe)

rest room

An online social game where you can spend time with your friends and create your own games. “Rec Room” can be played for free, and in addition to PlayStation VR, it is also available for smartphones.

Saber won

Dynamic music game. Swing the sword and try to keep up with the rhythm to beat the challenges. Full physical effort is required here.

PlayStation VR worlds

Five different virtual reality experiences are waiting for you. As a deep sea researcher, you can enjoy the underwater world (see photo), steer a car through the fog, commit theft, race through traffic, and take part in the sport of the future “danger ball”.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

An open world game in VR. Explore a virtual fantasy world and fight against dangerous dragons.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Experience Capcom’s survival horror up close with virtual reality goggles. Horror awaits you in the mysterious baker’s estate. Find out what’s going on here and fight the fearsome creatures that want to get in on the action.

The “Live the Game” trailer shows you current and future PSVR games:

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