Lost in Random: This is how this gruesome adventure came about

The action adventure Lost in Random has a very dark style. Source: EA Originals, Zoink Studios

EA Originals and Zoink Studios have a new blog post too lost in random Where the development team gets a behind-the-scenes look at Lost in Random. In it, they take on the unique graphic style of the recently released dark adventure, which takes players on an exotic journey through the kingdom of Random.

The blog post delves into a special blend of fictional and sinister elements and shows how Zoink worked with a variety of thematic concept graphics to create the game’s magical environments. The team talks about the many aspects of the unique style – from setting the environment, creative materials and character designs to the storyboard and the many artists like Heidi Smith of “ParaNorman” that inspired the world of Lost in Random.

The full blog post about creating the beautiful Kingdom of Random can be found here: Art Lost in Random

Lost in a random trailer:

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