PlayStation VR: Sony announced new virtual reality games

There will be all kinds of new titles for Sony VR glasses in 2021.

HFancy a brand new gaming experience? Then try virtual reality glasses. With these you can almost step into the game scene. Sony is in the forefront with PlayStation virtual reality glasses. running Spotlights Announce the planned new games. More than a bunch of new games to appear? And that’s still in 2021. Your editors will tell you which addresses are included.

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PlayStation VR: These are the new titles

Horror first-person shooterDeath 3 ?? VR-Edition2021 will also include an action adventure, “Bethesda Softworks” will be released.I expect you will die 2(Schell Games), but no specific date has yet been set.Cracked“(nDreams) is another action adventure. Beyond.”A song in the smoke“(17-bit) hides survival game. The last two games are a cooperative shooting game and a massive multiplayer online game. The titles.”After the fall(Vertigo Games) undZenith(Windows VR).

VR compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5

Those who indulge in indulgences can experience symptoms like seasickness (nausea, headache, and the like), but this goes away if you slowly get used to trying the sometimes tilted games. What remains are new games in a deeply computer-generated environment. By the way: Sony’s VR glasses can not only be connected to PlayStation 4, but also to PlayStation 5 via an adapter. By the way, a new headphone that works for the last console? COMPUTER BILD summarizes in the article What can the PSVR-2 glasses do? And what not.

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