PS5: The Enlisted Video Game Has Finally Arrived On The Sony Console!

The Enlisted video game is finally coming to the new PS5 console! We bring you more details on what to expect.

The recorded video game is Finally available on PS5! MCE TV gives you more details.

On November 19, Sony revealed the A new game console. However, the machine was a victim of its success!

In fact, the quantities produced were insufficient to cover all demand. And therefore, A few players Who is the They were lucky enough to have a PS5!

Even today, months after its release, the console The Japanese giant remains untraceable. The web is also full of rumors of a possible restocking.

In fact, some restocking continues. But Sony is struggling to meet demandStill thriving! Without surprise.

To certify some jobs Twitter, it was the PS5 Available at Carrefour. In fact, the big brand had finally got hold of it A large number of keyboards. Something that satisfies the fastest!

But few consoles are for sale Parties like hot cakes! Without surprise.

In any case, for players who are lucky enough to acquire the popular device, know that new games are coming soon! In fact, a month Mars It’s already shaping up to be busy.

in the program: Several video games release. Some of them are waiting impatiently for players!

In the latest news, It is the registered game You will land on the Sony console. We give you more details!

Enlisted is coming to PS5!

You must know that the game The runway is well known to the players. In fact, it has already been available on PC and Xbox series for several months.

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Now it’s the PS5 players’ turn to take advantage of it. In fact, Closed trial version of FPS Enlisted multiplayer game comes to Sony console.

Moreover, the game from Gaijin Entertainment welcomes update integration Permanently in the countryside The Normandy Invasion. Hence, the latter will consist of 18 levels.

Thus it was added to the previous battle, the Battle of Moscow. This one is receiving Plus 3 new levels.

You should know that the Enlisted game is aimed at Carefully recreate weapons, military vehicles, and air. From World War II. It also prepares players Participate in violent clashes.

10 classes will also be available. Like prof Attack forces and snipers Mortars Or radio specialists.

The new PS5 game will also reveal hundreds of new weapons! But also ground vehicles and new aircraft types. Everything is well established Certainly on real models.

Players who want to try the game can do so by joining the Enlisted Closed Beta by paying for the Founder’s Pack. Available From 29.99 euros! Just that.

For more of the patient, know that a beta version is open Also scheduled at a later time. Stay tuned, close.