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David Martin, 1616 Prod creator and production manager, is a local kid. Born and raised in Placer. He studied in Elancourt, at the International Institute of Image and Sound. “When I started and set up the company in 2006, I was a performer. But, very quickly, I found myself on projects that needed to pay bills to clients and companies. At that time, the auto entrepreneur mode didn’t exist, so I created this company to fulfill that demand, David Martin started.

audiovisual communications agency

1616 Prod offers a multitude of audiovisual services ranging from screenwriting to photography (reports, documentaries, clips), including photography and everything that comes after production, such as editing, graphics, and 2D and 3D motion design. , Virtual Reality …

“We are more than an audiovisual communications agency. This means that, unlike an audiovisual production agency, we support the communities even before the project is implemented, for example regarding the coordination of the required videos or written work,” emphasizes Plaisirois.

“Today, the company employs eight permanent employees as well as approximately fifty intermittent supply workers,” David Martin identifies. “Out of eight employees, three are full-time productions and five are directors/managers.”

In its early days, the agency worked for individuals, but it quickly changed direction, because we “only deal with large volumes,” explains the manager. “Very quickly, in 2009, we were spotted by Yellow Pages. Very quickly, they asked us to mass-produce, more than 1,000 videos to produce per year,” recalls David Martin.

At this time, in 1616 Prod decided to take a place in Plaisir. Au départ, nous étions en location, et aujourd’hui, nous venons d’acheter des locaux un peu plus proches de Sqy, entre la sortie de Plaisir et le début d’Élancourt, dans la zone d’activité de main », précise director.

Regarding their partners, the guidance is simple: “90% of our customers are local authorities. The remaining 10% are large companies such as LG Group or Eiffage.” The company currently operates in about thirty communities, ranging from the Presidency of the Republic to the Ministry of Justice, through Regions, departments or even municipalities such as Placer. So far, our largest contract has been signed with the metropolis of Paris, with a budget of 150 thousand euros. The video has won many awards in different festivals.

There are four main methods of dissemination that communities use. First come videos made for social networks, then those for websites, after that are videos for events, and finally, the last axis is about internal communication.

Through our partnership with the Department of Justice, we also cover two types of trials. Media and Historic Trials. Media trials are those where there are a lot of victims or a lot of people, because they are of interest to stars, such as Karim Benzema. For these trials, we are only filming for broadcast. For historical trials, such as the November 13, 2015 attacks trial (also called V13, editor’s note) that we currently cover, we have very precise specifications to respect. We record the discussions and make them available to the National Archives, which will keep them for 50 years,” explains the director.

Because the V13 beta is a record in itself. Currently, it is at week 32 filmed, which represents over 600 hours of recording for a total weight of 13TB. The video trial did not last long.

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He concludes that the company has plenty of news ahead of it “with coverage of two major landmark trials in September, the Nice attacks trial and the Charlie Hebdo appeals trial.”

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