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Special presentation of “PM Knowledge” from the “Ars Electronica” museum in Linz. Themes: Gold rush near the sea: When huge groups of herring roll into a bay in southern Alaska, they wait impatiently. For a few weeks they prey on sea lions, dolphins, whales, hunters and indigenous people – and they ensure the prosperity of an entire area. // Researchers are trying to transfer the proverbial ‘swarm intelligence’ to machines. To do this, they created an association of robots. The complex system is supposed to go to a dive station en masse and solve complex underwater tasks // Since engineers have developed self-flying threats, the imagination knows no boundaries. Graz researchers use them to track lost people in difficult terrain – drones could also be used in the future to escape traffic jams. Also: All about drones // A raft made of corpses – how do ants save themselves from floods? // Touch what isn’t – how do you make virtual reality understandable? // A Storm-Resistant Giant – Why not drop the Burj Khalifa? // // cleverly folded – what does origami learn? // Small Satellites – How Does Observation From Space Work? Prime Minister Wissen set himself the task of asking questions and finding answers. We look at laboratories and workshops and show where and how the future will arise. Together with scientist and analog astronaut Gernot Gromer, we go on a new journey every week of ideas that were rejected as science fiction just a few years ago.

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