A portable version of Valorant for this summer?

While Valorant will soon celebrate its debut anniversary, a mobile FPS version of Riot Games can be introduced this summer.

Response in mid-June

In June 2020, Riot Games officially launched the new version, Valorant. In the closed beta version a few months before its launch, this FPS game will soon celebrate its first anniversary, a year during which the developers made many changes to improve the game, in addition to adding many new features, both in terms of content (maps and proxies)) and functionality (coach slot ).

As a reminder, Valorant was designed to be a competitive esports game, which is why the game is currently only available on PC. However, in a somewhat distant future this FPS could face the same future of League of Legends and thus land on other platforms, such as console and mobile. Last year, during the beta phase, Riot Games said Valorant might arrive on consoles after its official release, but made it clear that the US studio is currently focused exclusively on the PC scene. Joe Ziegler, Valorant Game Manager at Riot Games, said later that the team had been working hard to provide the best possible computer experience, but they were also exploring the possibility of releasing the game on other platforms, such as consoles and mobiles, with the guarantee that no further release would be released until The PC version gets perfect in their eyes.

The summer 2021 season could mark a significant turning point for Valorant, as Riot Games plans to take advantage of E3 (scheduled for June 12-15) to reveal the first images of the mobile version of the FPS. According to some data mined, Valorant Mobile is expected to be revealed this summer and discoveries are likely to arrive by the end of June. In an article published by IGN India on May 3In particular, we learned that the Android and IOS version of Valorant will be under development and that Riot Games will be in the process of evaluating the markets in which the game will develop.

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Several publishers have taken the initiative in recent months to adapt their mobile games, such as Apex Legends and PUBG New States, which must have forced Riot Games to revise their plans and accelerate Valorant Mobile’s development.

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