Pokeclicker: How to play the new addictive Pokemon phenomenon?

See your favorite streaming channels and Discord communities playing endlessly BOOK KLICKER But you do not understand the goal nor how to play? Don’t worry, here is a very short guide on how to do it.

What is a Pokecliker?

It is ‘Free Clickable Browser Game (with mouse) To capture Pokemon, upgrade them, fight them, etc. The faster you click, the faster the actions will be performed. If you do nothing, the game will continue to run anyway, at a rather slow speed but this allows you to come back after a few minutes with some surprises. This type of game is especially on mobile where you have to tap on your screen to make monsters evolve, expand restaurants, etc…

How to access Pokéclicker?

Pokéclicker is not a “game” per se, but a type of flash game that you can play on your favorite browser (usually, all browsers work).

  1. Visit the site Pokeclicker.com
  2. If this is your first time playing, tap on “NewSaveNote that the backup will be done on your browser on a specific computer. If you change platforms, you risk losing your backup (so feel free to use the import option),
  3. At the moment the game is not like that Not available in Frenchso you will need to understand the English lessons,
  4. Once Professor Chen appears on the screen, you can choose your gameplay by clicking on Challenge Modes. There, you can thus activate or deactivate some difficulty options such as having to complete a national Pokédex to complete the game.
  5. Click “Done” and then “Next” to start the game.

All educational tasks to learn how to play well

You will then have to choose your starter as in any Pokemon game:

  • Charmandertype of fire
  • squirtlewater type
  • Bulbasaurplant type
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To capture it, the tutorial will explain to you that you have to fight it by clicking on it (one click = 1PV less). is yours Goal Now, in order to get to the next path, he is to fight/capture 10 other Pokemon. As you understand, you can speed up the game with a mouse click, or let the events unfold on their own.

At the end of your first mission, you will get a map of the region made up of roads, cities, and dungeons.

Pokemon scarlet and purple
  • waiver 2 : Now go to Route 2 by clicking on the map and fight 10 Pokemon there (this is your new educational mission)
  • waiver 3 : Click on Viridian City (on the map) then on Poké Mart to buy 10 Poké Balls
  • 4 . waiver : Buy a dungeon ticket in Viridian City. This requires Dungeon Tokens that you can get by capturing Pokemon
  • Waiver 5 : In the Poké Balls selection menu, choose to capture the Pokémon that has already been captured. Once you have 50 dungeon tokens (blue), click on the Viridian Forest (on the map) to enter the dungeon. Click “Start” to start the dungeon. You have one minute to explore as many dungeon places as possible. The goal is to find Dungeon Boss and defeat him.
Pokemon scarlet and purple
  • waiver 6 : Go to Pewter City on the map and click on the battlefield (gym) to launch it. You have 30 seconds to beat Racaillou and Onix. Tip: Tap as fast as you can on the screen.
  • The tutorial is now complete. You can see other tasks in the list, in order to get task points. Do not forget to click “Start” to activate one of them.
Pokemon scarlet and purple

Now you know all the basics of Pokéclicker! The goal is to travel over the entire map, to capture all the Pokemon of the first generation, and to win all the badges. In short, as in a real game from the main license. be careful, Don’t forget to buy Poké Balls In cities in order to continue capturing creatures. You can see your arrows at the top left. The more you advance, the more new areas and items you will unlock.

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Some tips to get started

  • Pokéclicker is much larger than a simple clicker. Browse the different menus to learn about the different options available.
  • Feel free to use Things of battles To boost your XP, your attack or your defense for example (left menu)
  • do not forget to Configure the use of your buckyballs. To start, we advise you not to catch normal and shiny Pokemon that have already been captured, and put Pokemon balls on the new Pokemon as well as the new shiny balls.
  • Of course, Pokéclicker is designed above all for fast runners and challenge lovers. You can enjoy it as you see fit or adjust it for best performance with certain rules.
  • For more tips, feel free to join Pokeclicker Discord.
  • Do not forgetto go forward To the following cities to unlock new things, such as gems.

The update that brings Pokémon HOME to 2.0.0 is coming very quickly and maintenance has already been revealed for this important update that will move these monsters from the Sparkling Diamond, Sparkling Pearl and Pokémon Legends Arceus versions to other titles.

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