Pokémon developers announce PAND LAND, a new mobile game

He remembers : in End of last year, Game Freak, the studio behind the games pokemon, He recorded a mysterious slogan : Land Band. If we doubted it was a game, it is now official. Developed by WonderPlanet Under supervision Strange game, Land Band It is a big treasure hunt in a cube style similar to a treasure hunt game Pokemon Quest.

is expected Next June 24 In Japan on internal control Department android, Land Band It can be discovered through the first trailer and presentation. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments.

A new casual mobile game from Game Freak and WonderPlanet.

A casual sailing adventure RPG set in an unexplored world called “PAND LAND”, where you become the leader of an exploration team and go on a journey in search of legendary treasure.

By exploring the vast world, players will discover new treasures. Obtained treasure maps can be shared with friends while exploring the exciting game world.

Main characteristics

  • A relaxing adventure in a big world – PAND LAND takes place in a mysterious world full of unexplored lands. Players can freely explore interesting places. Discover with your own hands what is hidden in this cloud-covered world and travel freely around the world in search of new discoveries and encounters.
  • Search, gather and form a team – Complete dungeons to gain new allies and treasures. Collect allies and treasures to form a team and show them off. With over 400 unique allies and valuable treasures, you can adventure with your own team.
  • Discover the world better with friends – Invite your close friends and family to experience a fun and exciting adventure in the world Land Band . Make friends with the explorers you meet to find out where to find treasure. Work with your friends and family and experience an exciting adventure.

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