Pokémon GO: Holidays Announced – All About Our Christmas Event With Arktip

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Pokémon GO Holidays always happen around Christmas. Now all the information about the new event has been announced. Details here.

San Francisco, CA – It’s getting Christmassy in Pokémon GO*, too. With the holidays, developer Niantic brings the popular Christmas event and promises many rewards and quests. Pokémon * Arktip ice cream also appears for the first time in the game. Some new Shinys can be found first with the event and rewards can be used to advance quickly. All information about the Christmas event in Pokemon GO can be found here.
ingame.de * Reveals all the details about the Christmas event with Arktip in Pokémon GO and what new Shinys will be there.

During the Christmas season, many game developers bring special events that put players in the Christmas mood. In Pokémon GO, developer Niantic brings a taste of winter with ice and water Pokémon. There are also special rewards for gifts for friends so that you will be rewarded for your generosity. But there is still plenty of special content waiting for Pokémon GO players. *ingame.de is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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