Pokémon GO: Postcard Book Introduced as a Feature

Pokémon GO players can surprise users in their friends list in the app with gifts they have received from PokéStops or Arenas. These gifts not only contain useful items that replenish your supplies, but also increase the level of friendship between two users. This is one of the best sources of XP in the game and should always be maximized. Each gift includes a postcard with an image of the PokéStop or the arena it came from.

The current season in Pokémon GO

Postcard book as scrapbook

Until now, these postcards did not play a major role – they only show the recipient where the present came from. You can now stick all of these gifts in your in-game postcard book, which serves as a scrapbook. This is an idea The game Niantic “Harry Potter”, which has since been crushed – left a small legacy in the most successful relatives. You can not only label the gift postcards sent to you, but also package the gift postcards that you found in your album. To do this, simply press the new button with the print pin icon when viewing a gift.

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