It goes back 6 years

From next year Instagram Going back 6 years: In short, the decision of the meta-Facebook group site to respond to the harsh criticism that comes from many quarters and from many quarters because of it. Algorithm Critics say this will improve the visibility of the content. “Toxic“And dangerous for young people.

The Instagram reply Dried: from 2022 Anyone can go back to the old level Chronological food, The new content gradually degrades the old without any means of telling users what to look for. That’s the classic feed, only available up to this point 2016 When, suddenly and without controversy, Instagram was launched Feed based on algorithms And dropped the timeline. There was a lot of discussion about this change at the time, which was considered a penalty for creators who did not have the money to invest in advertising. However, over time, it became clear that perhaps it could be Small problem.

Why Instagram Changes Feed

News of the withdrawal of the old timeline feed was reported by On the edge, Which reports the words spoken by the Instagram leader Adam Moseri When a ‘Inquiry into the US Senate. Moseri was actually summoned by a commission of the U.S. Senate, which is investigating what the celebrity said.AbilityFrancis Hogan.

We are working on a timeline version of the feed, which we hope will launch next year“Moseri made it clear to the senators The current feed will remain the same, But will bedesire Select one chronologically. However, Moseri did not mention it When the chronological feed returns Instagram and whether it will be similar to 2016.

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Instagram: Algorithm or Chronology?

When he was born, in 2010, Instagram immediately ordered the content to be displayed to users with a criterion Exclusively chronological: As follow-up users post new content, they drop previous ones.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, $ 1 billion, and did not touch the feed for a long time. It has been doing so since April 2016, Replaces it based on a feed Content selection algorithm Display in terms of their success and the relationship between content and user tastes. In 2017, it introduced the Recommended Content section and further refined the algorithm.

The transition from timeline to algorithm feed had two main effects: The The birth of influencers On stage and Increasingly massive virus Particularly divisive content and dangerous for teenagers as many believe (but Instagram denies it).

On the other hand, it is no coincidence that Instagram initially became “home”.Physical shame“That is, the form of bullying that targets forms”Not perfect“The body of users (especially users Teenage girls) Those who post their photos on social networking sites. But, needless to say, Instagram became itself Home to the struggle against body shaming.

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