Pokémon GO: Zobiris in the spotlight in November 2021

The goofy Hoopa uses his last days on the stage of “Pokémon GO” to present various events to players as part of the “Unleashed Jokes”. November 27, 2021 doesn’t quite have a highlight hour with Zobiris, which runs between 12 and 1 p.m.

Lights Clock with Zobiris

Although the event doesn’t take place on a Tuesday evening as usual, it offers all the usual bonuses of a typical spotlight hour: Zobiris frequently appear in the wild, making it easier for trainers to hunt for the shine.

The event has an even greater advantage: if you still have to hunt ghosts and dark Pokemon to complete the special quest in Hoopa “Jokes of Misunderstanding”, then you should definitely take advantage of this watch – Zobiris covers both categories! Completing these missions by December 1st at 9:59AM will give you a free ticket to the “Unleashed joke” special quest and therefore additional rewards. In addition, this series of missions enables Hoopa to change shape.

Spotlight hours in November

If you still need a little incentive: Candy for sending monsters during the one hour time window is doubled, as well as double experience points awarded for catching Pokemon.

Raid lesson with Heatran

There will also be a Raid Hour with the Lava Dome Pokémon Heatran on November 27 between 6pm and 7pm. The same rewards await you – if you need additional resources to upgrade your copy, it’s a good idea to participate. The best counterattacks against Heatran can be found in the COMPUTER BILD’s Blitz Guide.
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