Polarola’s voice from Nancy activates joystick players

A tie carefully hidden under an impeccable jacket, a ponytail and an inexhaustible conversation, Valentine Esno, or rather Polarola, is one of the “characters” of these sixAnd Edition of joystick players. A very real character in this virtual sanctuary is arranged between the walls of the Contre-Courant MJC.

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After turning around to the return room, glimpsing the arcade stations and pinball machines and slalom between participants in the various tournaments, the doors of the large room open onto the stage of joystick animated players by Polarola.

A member of LANA France, the main partner of the event, a citizen of Nancy comments on all the highlights of “JP”. “There is always something going on on stage,” recalls the person who also works as a presenter at Radio Faggett. « Là, on va commencer une game jam (NDLR: la création d’un jeu vidéo), mais j’anime aussi les finales des tournois, les karaokés… Tout à l’heure, on a aussi parlé d’addiction, c ‘Important. »

Exactly, how much time does he usually spend in front of a screen? “Reasonable length, in my view,” Valentin Esno smiles, after a few seconds of contemplation and a smile that speaks volumes.

Games on all floors

Since the joystick players opened, Friday at 6 p.m., Polarola has been tight on stage. “It’s normal, I love it, I don’t leave it on anymore, but I’m just the visible and easiest part,” said Nuance. “In the shadows, it’s all the technicians from LANA France who do most of the work.”

With the mic poking up between “five to ten minutes” per hour, the host also makes it possible to promote a game dictionary that’s always unintelligible to the average person who hasn’t touched a console since Pac-Man. , one of the most popular meeting games.

It all takes place on the first floor of Contre-Courant MJC, where a bay window gives access to a game library stand installed in the garden.

Downstairs, dozens of computers are heated in a computer room that is always full. Curious people learn about virtual reality, Cave aux Ours publishes a treasure trove of games and the shocking programmers of the game jam have not stopped since opening to accomplish the task assigned to them: to create a game in 48 hours. Because joystick players run on Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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