The discovery of a “yellow brick road” in the uncharted depths of the Pacific Ocean

Have scientists just discovered the way to Atlantis? The members of the exploration ship Nautilus inevitably asked themselves the question, having just discovered a mysterious creature at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. “yellow brick road”And Science alert reports.

was discovered in Northwest Hawaiian Islandsin the accusative Papahānaumokuākea National NavyIt is one of the largest marine protected areas in the world. The area extending over 1,510,000 km2is particularly exciting to scientists: only 3% of the sea floor has been studied so far.

By drilling more than 3,000 meters deep in these uncharted waters, researchers from ocean exploration box So they made this strange discovery that they filmed live. This is the way to Atlantis.fired one of the explorers, stunned.

This kind of strange ground the team compares to “baked crust”challenges. According to the researchers, it could in fact be the ancient bed of a dry lake covered with volcanic rocks. The successive changes in temperature could have caused these cracks to appear strangely like what scientists describe as a “yellow brick road”.

What do you do with this discovery? The crew wants now Climb this strange underwater path, to understand how this geology may have originated in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. And maybe fall, why not, on a bigger treasure.

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