Police: A woman from Berlin receives her cell phone from the car on the A111 and is looking for it on the motorway

Witnesses reported on Saturday, January 9, around 11:45 p.m., that there were people on the road between the Hennigsdorf crossroads and Stolpe in the direction of Berlin.

Police officers met the 20-year-old Berliner on her hard shoulder looking for her cellphone. The Northern Police Department said: “During an altercation, she apparently dropped the phone at her passenger, and then he flew out of the car through the open window.”

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The Berlin woman did not follow officials’ instructions to end the search at this point. When the police car was supposed to get in, the 20-year-old was swollen and had to handcuff her. The officers were not injured in the resistance, and a complaint against the woman was registered.

Due to her mental emergency, she was taken to hospital. The mobile phone was not found, because the woman was driving after several minutes of littering.

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