Police in Essen are looking for computer fraudsters with a picture

Outsiders messed with the ATM exit slot. So they deceived unsuspecting bank customers. Filmed at Frintrop.

Using images from a surveillance camera at a credit institute in Frintroper Strasse, Essen police are searching for fraudsters who are said to have stolen several hundred euros from unsuspecting bank clients using what is known as “cash trapping”.

They are accused of tampering with the slot of the ATM in such a way that no more money is issued. Usually, a system error for the processors is displayed on the screen. Customers assume a defect and leave the site. Then the perpetrators take the banknotes they left behind and disappear.

Usually times of violations are outside normal business hours. So clients should not have the opportunity to consult employees.

Witnesses who can provide information about the identity of suspects or their whereabouts are asked to contact Essen Police at 0201 / 829-0.

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