The new Warzone update smashed the game … again

By Rodolfo León 0 Comments 02/08/2021 16:28

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Several days ago, Call of Duty: War Zone I received an update that included some balance adjustments for weapons as well as bugs and other bug fixes. The bad news is that this update also broke the game and caused a lot of frustration among its players.

What happens is that the new update has caused the effect marks to disappear for some players. In case you didn’t know, these signs happen when we shoot an enemy, as an indication of whether or not we have hit them. The worst case is that some users still own it, while others do not. This makes the experience extremely unfair to everyone.

The good news is that Raven Software You are already working on a solution.

“We are already investigating complaints that impact flags are inconsistent after last night’s update.”

Hopefully it won’t be long before your developers have fixed this error.


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