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Apple is not inactive as it launches another new game on Apple Arcade with Populus Run inspired by Fall Guys but also Zombie Tsunami.

Watch the trailer:

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Populus Run was released on Apple Arcade

Populus Run is a fairly original running game where you have to control not a hero, but rather a crowd. If the graphic inspiration of Fall Guys wasn’t in doubt, the developers also took ideas from Temple Run’s side for example with a speedy runner. You have to run, slide, jump at the right time, to progress and avoid obstacles that clash with each other.

Another point to know, there is a Hardcore Mode for the best players and secret characters hidden in the levels.

But the best way to understand what Populus Run consists of is to download the game to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Watch out for buns, burgers and other giant macarons!

Remember, Apple Arcade costs 4.99 € per month and is included in the Apple One.

Download the game Populus Run

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