The European Union Commission is interested in Joy-Con-Drift

  • BEUC is calling for action on Joy-Con drift following complaints
  • The European organization is striving to conduct investigations and complaints on a European level
  • That is why the European Commission is now involved

After numerous complaints about defective switch controllers and fraud accusations against Nintendo, the European Union is now also entering. The European Consumer Organization is now defining what is on Joy-Con-Drift across Europe.

We’ve already reported lawsuits against Joy-Con against Nintendo multiple times from different regions. About 25,000 complaints have already been received and these cases now go further: the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) has now ordered European investigations into the Joy-Con drift problem and has sent its complaints to the European Commission and many consumer protection authorities.

Today it was reported that the European Commission is now personally involved in Joy-Con complaints after the consumer organization informed it of the problem. The European Commission has officially announced that it will address the issue now, but it remains unclear how the commission will decide exactly against Nintendo and what actions the company can take as a result.

The European Union is concerned with the Joy-Con-Drift problem.

Across The European Commission says: “Early obsolescence is a growing concern of all consumers. The commission is determined to counter these trends and support consumers in a“ green transition. ”The European Union understands that a green transition means support for (economic) sustainability and climate adaptation in Europe.

“We are preparing a new legislative initiative aimed at providing consumers with better information about product sustainability, including longevity and better protection against certain practices such as premature aging,” she continues.

The allegations against Nintendo on the part of BEUC were based again on the fact that the company had been misled and failed to provide clear information to consumers, i.e. in general terms. Unfair business practices, Accuse. Most of the complaints received stated that Nintendo’s consoles ran into problems for the first two years – the so-called Joy-Con Drift.

These complaints came from many different countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Greece – and yet, interestingly, they are not from Germany.

“Consumers assume that the products they buy will last a reasonable period of time according to legitimate expectations and that they will not have to pay expensive substitutes due to a technical flaw,” says Monique Joygins, president of BEUC on the topic. “Nintendo must now find a reasonable solution to the thousands of consumers affected by this problem.”

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