Portable sports notification system GPS can be seen through clothes

Cell phones and other technologies are an integral part of our daily lives today. Whether in professional or personal life, smartphones are everywhere. And when it rings, our first instinct is to get it out of our pockets to see our notifications. However, depending on our situation and where we are, taking it out isn’t always the best solution.

In order to solve this problem, researchers have just developed a whole new technology that uses lights Drove To display your mobile notifications through your pocket fabric.

A revolutionary mobile notification system

This light up phone notification system is growing in University of Waterloo in Canada. However, the system PocketView is still in the prototype stage, and It consists almost entirely of a series of pointers Drove With high strength, which has the ability to shine through the fabric of various garments.

PocketView is made of high power LED lights. Image credit: YouTube video screenshot / University of Waterloo (Canada)

Although the use of this system is currently seen mainly on mobile phones, it can vary. In fact, its developer is now considering adapting it to other smart devices such as pens or key rings.

Regarding the goal PocketViewThis is basically to transmit relevant information through a very simple mechanism. For example, you can View basic notifications like emails, messages, calls or your GPS. Its use is also very simple, the system PocketView Displays basic icons in monochrome lighting.

For what applications?

In order to refer to the notification information you receive without it PocketViewIt’s not complicated, just look at your mobile screen! But in some situations, pulling out your phone to read notifications can be more complicated than you might expect. This is where the system is PocketView intervene. This is especially the case when you are on a bike. The light notification system will provide you navigation data as well as important calls and messages, And all this without distracting you or creating a risk related to interacting with your mobile phone.

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In terms of its practical utility, Daniel Vogel Associate Professor of Computer Science at Waterloo, It shows that all the focus is on the technology and programming aspect of the invention. explains that PocketView It can even become a fashion accessory. Its use can already be widespread; The light notification system can be very useful in clubs or even in sports. “ It’s a very simple thing but it’s also such a radical idea that it has a lot of potential.. » announce Mr.

Several differences

At present, the system PocketView It is being developed as an accessory that can be used with smartphones or other gadgets. The following uses for this system have not yet been fully identified. Its creators will consider the possibility of integrating it directly into the destination devices.

Following this logic, PocketView It can be very interesting, as well as foldable cell phones. To find out more, you can now see this innovation in action. In fact, the team responsible for its development recently published a file Video View some prototypes PocketView at work.

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