Pragmatic, except that residents want to feel the ring

Free Mobile: Pragmatic, the residents nonetheless want to feel they are in the loop

There is no wholesale rejection of a tower whose utility is not in question, but a request for more information. Since this edifice is not seen coming, a group of locals does not hide their displeasure.

We are not against installing this antenna. Certainly, some residents are afraid, but at the same time everyone wants to access the Internet or their phone.Serge Bardi, spokesperson for a group of angered residents, carried out the installation of a free 30-meter movable tower in December 2020 in the Rantel region, in Albi, municipality of Tarn. And to specify: “What we deny, first of all, is a lack of information.”.

On the part of the population, we deplore our discovery of a facility “By coincidence in November” When residents of Chemin de Mézard questioned the workers installing the equipment, after the project had been in preparation for several months. “We got it from our throats”The plague, Serge Bardi, head of the neighborhood Association. “There was no building sign around us, we did not know who was the owner of the land, or who was the operator of the phone and what kind of antenna would be installed.”, He explains.

The sign was elsewhere

And with good reason because it was necessary to look for the dashboard, but somewhere else. When asked, Bruno Lyogo, in charge of town planning, replied that the equipment should be located on private land owned by Chaoson Building Materials Corporation. Since the shop is on the Route de Castres, this is the place to go. Something to make Serge Bardy jump: “Hidden at the entrance, behind a mailbox. How did we see it?”

“The files are only studied in relation to respect for the rules of town planning. If the file complies with these regulations, city halls cannot refuse and then verify the validity of the prior announcement of work on private land.Finally, the municipality is reminded of the concerns it has expressed regarding exposure to waves. Given the proximity of the homes, Serge Bardi had already questioned the municipality about the frequencies in use.

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Some owners feel ‘cheated’

“The last person signed up to buy the land before we knew the antenna was installed. I felt cheated.”Serge Bardi also notes. In fact, three plots of land adjacent to the company were sold.

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