Epic Games offered Sony $ 200 million for exclusive PC games

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Epic Games offered Sony a whopping $ 200 million, according to leaked documents, in the event that Sony publishes four to six first-party games for PC on the Epic Games store. An answer from the Japanese company is still pending.

Publisher Epic Games has apparently offered Sony $ 200 million to bring four to six premier games from the company to the PC. This is evident from leaked documents, such as the website DSOG Games mentioned. Sony has not declined the offer and it appears that Epic Games is still awaiting an official response from the Japanese company. If Sony accepts this deal, these first-party titles will appear exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games was also interested in exclusive Nintendo and Microsoft PC shows

According to the leaked documents, Epic Games was also interested in launching first-party games from Nintendo and Microsoft in its store. However, these plans do not seem to bear fruit. If you thought Epic’s remarks, the idea of ​​bringing Nintendo games to the Epic Games Store was more than just a bold and ambitious one. Nintendo’s past, of course, winds off the sails of the entire idea. Traditionally, Nintendo games have – with a few exceptions – always featured on Nintendo’s proprietary platforms. So fans should get this idea out of their heads quickly.

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At Microsoft it looks very similar when it comes to feasibility. Since Microsoft operates its own store for PC apps and games, the company is a direct competitor to Epic with its Epic Games Store. Additionally, it appears Phil Spencer (Microsoft’s head of games) and Gabe Newell (Valve’s boss) meet again and again at irregular intervals, which likely indicates that the relationship between Microsoft and Valve will continue to strengthen. It seems very unlikely that Microsoft will enter into a collaboration with Valve’s competitor regarding first-party PC games.

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