Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro open today at 2pm, but there's one BUT

After being present in Europe for several months, Apple has finally decided to launch its mixed reality headset on the Old Continent. Pre-orders for the Vision Pro will open on Friday from 2pm.

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Apple rarely does things like everyone else. On the occasion of the opening of pre-orders for the Vision Pro in France (which will start at 2 pm on Friday 28 June), we were able to notice it again.

On the French page of the Apple Store (paused this morning since 8 am, as is the case with every product release), we can already see the announcement of the opening of pre-orders and the official availability date of the product, which is July 12. But if you try to buy the product, you will have to go through a new step.

Purchasing process… tiring

Before you can place an order, Apple requires its customers to go through a face scanning stage using an iPhone or iPad equipped with a Face ID sensor. The idea is to virtually take measurements of a customer's face in order to offer a helmet that best fits their body shape.

We were able to try out the process using an iPad Pro before Apple artificially closed its store. The first step is to scan the QR code displayed on the Vision Pro order page using the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. The mobile device you’re using will then open the App Store and request access to your camera.

Vision Pro pre-order scan // Source: Frandroid

Once permission is granted, Apple notifies you that the scanning process will begin for “Helps you choose the perfect size of light shield and headband.“All for”Improve customer experience“Just to be a little reassuring, the company does however specify that “The measurement data used to determine these sizes will not leave your device.

After pressing the “Start” button, the scan actually starts. It then opens a small round window and asks you to take a look at “In front of you” then “Slowly turn your head right, left, up and down“. Once you pass that first scan… do it again! Apple requires a second scan, similar in every way to the first. It's too bad if your arms get tired from stupidly holding your iPad at arm's length while making obvious head movements Excessively.

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Reserved for devices with Face ID

Once both scans are complete, your device will then prompt you to update the Apple Store app. Once the new app is downloaded, you’ll be able to resume your regular purchases. You’ll still need to tell Apple if you wear glasses or have had eye surgery before you can warm up your credit card.

If the process itself isn't too long or painful (except for the moments when the app asks you to zoom in on your face when you're turning your head in all directions and you can't see the screen), it would limit the Vision Pro purchase to those who have an iPhone or iPad with Face ID. Sure, this technology has been present in most Apple devices since the iPhone X, but it's still around. For those with a very old phone, there's still the option of going to the store.

Apple Vision Pro at the best prices

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